Saturday, December 22

Hot New Hannah Montana Fansite

hannah montana

I was searching for Hannah Montana tickets earlier today (which by the way, have completely sold out) and I've come across an awesome Hannah Montana fan website! I am myself a fan of her, both acting and musical talents and I now had the opportunity to learn a lot more about her, friends and other cast. It looks like it's still under construction but either way it has tons of info added to it already.

I have also got all of the Hannah Montana episodes downloaded on my computer..

What? They are AWESOME!!!
I seriously think everyone should watch them. I never was quite into Disney movies and television series but this one is totally different - THE BEST tv series I've ever seen, seriously. It beats LOST, CSI, Las Vegas and even Treasure Hunter! Oh yeah..

Anyways, enough confessions for today! - just thought I'd post this for all of her fans.

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