Thursday, December 27

Britney Spears At Thai Restaurant

Here's Britney Spears making a stop at a Thai restaurant on Boxing day. What a mess...
Where on earth did she buy her top from? It's pretty much one of the most hideous looking I have ever seen her in.

I wonder what the 2009 horoscope would have predicted for Britney Spears. Maybe she should go see an astrologist or something to predict her new year haha!

Sunday, December 23

Lindsay Lohan ... Again ?

Some Lindsay Lohan celebrity gossip, awesome pics:

lindsay lohan celebrity gossip

Woah, look at these pictures of Lindsay Lohan doing some Christmas shopping in L.A. I
Ah well, it looks like most of the outbreaks on her face are gone, or at least covered up by make-up.

celebrity rumourslindsay lohan celebcelebrity gossipcelebrity gossip

Saturday, December 22

Hot New Hannah Montana Fansite

hannah montana

I was searching for Hannah Montana tickets earlier today (which by the way, have completely sold out) and I've come across an awesome Hannah Montana fan website! I am myself a fan of her, both acting and musical talents and I now had the opportunity to learn a lot more about her, friends and other cast. It looks like it's still under construction but either way it has tons of info added to it already.

I have also got all of the Hannah Montana episodes downloaded on my computer..

What? They are AWESOME!!!
I seriously think everyone should watch them. I never was quite into Disney movies and television series but this one is totally different - THE BEST tv series I've ever seen, seriously. It beats LOST, CSI, Las Vegas and even Treasure Hunter! Oh yeah..

Anyways, enough confessions for today! - just thought I'd post this for all of her fans.

Kirsten Bell in Jeans in LA

Kirsten Bell and 'some guy' out at LA candids yesterday. Really sexy looking with those jeans on, I say. So it looks like she likes guys with big trucks...

Note to self: buy a truck!!

Sunday, December 16

Pamela Anderson in Malibu

pamela anderson celebrity gossip
Are those boots trendy? First look at them and I'd never want to see them again - but then again I may be a bit outdated with all the celebrity fashion and any new fashion even - and don't you dare say I'm outdated with celebrity gossip as well! Anyways, here's our Pamela Anderson in Malibu.

pamela anderson malibupamela anderson gossippamela anderson picturepamela anderson celebritypamela anderson celebrity gossip

Emma Watson Cleavage [Photoshopped!]

Yes.. here's a photo of Emma Watson (black & white) for all her fans!

Thanks to all of those who pointed out that this is a photoshop - sorry for the confusion, here's the real picture link:

Monday, December 10

Ricky Martin Gay - O Noes!

ricky martin gay

Ricky Martin - always having been a hit to the ladies with his latin and fancy looks, n
ow we get a disappointed confession from one of his friends about his sexual orientation:

“He is a bit more open about it these days than he used to be.

“It’s difficult for artists, women as well as men, who need to sell lots of records to be open about their sexuality.”

Yep, Ricky Martin is Gay - he also mentioned that he hasn't yet got a boyfriend. Quite disappointing to be honest; you know often people say that all good looking girls are lesbian, well the saying now seems to be true for men as well.

ricky martin gay picturericky martin gay boyfriend on beach

Saturday, December 8

Keira Knightley Topless Interview Jan 2008

Great pic of Keira Knightley here but it's not the best of her face. I also don't think that style of hair suits her. The hairstyle she had in the cover for Elle is more like her in my opinion.

Friday, December 7

Emma Watson Instyle 2008 Jan Cover

Images from the January 2008 cover of Instyle featuring Emma Watson in the front cover.

Emma Watson Instyle front cover - Looking very hot in these pics, I think she's still 17 though so I don't know.. We'll see when she turns 18 shall we !

This quote from her
"You will never see me naked without a good reason"

does seem a bit disheartening though, however she never denied it - let's just hope that good contract comes soon for Emma Watson. - Enjoy the high resolution images ;)

Oh, and that reminds me, make sure you check my friend's 2008 horoscope blog. He's such an 'expert' in these things xD.. Well, he does cover some main topics.

Keira Knightley on Front of Elle UK January 2008 Cover

Just received reports of the finalized cover for Elle 2008 where Keira Knightley is the main 'component'- 2 of these photos have been flowing around the internet previously but the final cover edit is new, released today.

This girl looks better and better everyday I see a picture of her. I'm definitely buying this edition.. for my girlfriend of course *raises eyebrow*.

Photos are taken by Gilles Bensimon - Enjoy!

Thursday, December 6

Amy Winehouse Upskirt

Seriously, who would want to see Amy Winehouse upskirt? I can't believe I'm sharing this with you - maybe some of you actually like her !

I don't know what to make out of it, why would she be undressing in the car with a dozen of paparazzis with cameras and standing outside waiting for her next crazy move?

Have fun...

Oh and I almost forgot - Amy Winehouse also lost her keys so she had to slide under the gate to get home:

Does this girl seriously have no decency ?

Anna Faris at GQ Men of the Year Party

Anna Faris photographed at GQ Men of the Year Party - Anna Faris is quite a cute girl but what happened to her right arm that she got a scar on it? Anyone know ?
I know I should be the one researching all this stuff but I'm just lazy today, please enlighten me :).

Wednesday, December 5

Anne Hathaway at Dolce & Gabbana Party at Gramercy Park Hotel

Anybody who has something to say about themselves attended Dolce & Gabbana's Fragrance Launch Party that was held at the Grammery Park Hotel last night.

Kate Hudeson turned up dressed in a fabulously looking white faux-fur coat joined by a particularly contrasting fire-engine-red nail varnish and grey suede boots.

However, what caught my eyes most (from the photos obviously!) was Anne Hathaway - not only because she is one of my favorite actresses but also because of the way she dressed. Here are a few photos of her beautiful dress and I'm not sure who the guy behind her in some of the photos is. Maybe someone can shed some light?

Tuesday, December 4

Hayden Panettier in Shorts Leaving the Gym + GQ Behind the Scenes

Hey all, here's Hayden Panettier leaving the gym and candids below in photos and above is the exclusive behind the scenes video from the GQ photoshoot! Damn I'd like those legs around my neck ^^.